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Software Maintenance Service

This service includes automatic shipment of new releases of your licensed products, including CDs, bug fixes, product enhancements, and new documentation when available.
The first 90 days of Software Maintenance service are provided at no cost with all ISaGRAF software purchases. After the no-cost 90 days, you have the option to purchase Software Maintenance service for subsequent years. The price is a fixed price for all the products installed in your facility. You will automatically receive a service bill several months in advance of your license anniversary date.

Software Maintenance service covers all licenses in a facility. For OEMs it covers all licenses in a specific product family.

If you do not purchase the Software Maintenance service and you wish to upgrade to the current version of ISaGRAF software at a later date, you will be required to pay the full upgrade price. The cost to upgrade can easily be greater than the one-year fee for the service. If you plan to use your ISaGRAF software for the long term, the most cost-effective approach is to remain current under a Software Maintenance Contract

For more information, please email us sales@TCS-ISaGRAF.co.uk

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