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About TCS

In February 2003, TCS firmly established its position as a supplier of embedded solutions and advanced automation technology by signing a Master Distributor agreement with ICS Triplex ISaGRAF. ISaGRAF is the de facto standard in IEC 61131-3 industrial control software. Introduced in 1990, it was originally designed to bridge the gap between microcomputer systems and PLCs. It has grown to become the leading software technology for open automation, applicable to the traditional automation, embedded control and soft logic markets.

Through our extensive industrial experience and selective strategic partnerships we also offer enhancements to the ISaGRAF IEC61131-3 control software. This includes:-

  • Hardware to meet your specific control requirements
  • Complementary software such as SCADA systems
  • Service and Support to meet specific end user needs.
  • Porting ISaGRAF to old & new hardware platforms – including safety applications.
  • IBM MQ Telemetry – Middleware integration.
  • Simulink® Generated Function Blocks in IEC61131.
  • System Level integration.
  • Integration with enterprise solutions.
  • System Certification



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