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OAC Services

Design and Integration Services
  • Hardware and Software Design Services
    Open Automation and Control offers the breadth of capability in emerging technologies, de-facto and industry standards and third party products to contribute to successful open control solutions. Design services are founded in the development of hardware and software for high assurance products, open systems and applications served by emerging technologies, especially Internet connectivity.

  • IEC 61131 Customisation and Integration Services for OEMs
    OAC can provide customised implementations of the ISaGRAF workbench to meet the specific needs of your market. The standard package can be used as a powerful, robust and feature rich base for application specific programming tools.

  • Lon Network Design Services
    OAC offers design and integration expertise to End Users, Systems Integrators, Network Integrators and System Developers to ensure successful LonWorks solution, using our own and third party Lon network infrastructure products.

Project Management and Process Improvement

  • project management
    We provide services and tools that enable our customers to establish the visibility and controls required for project success.

  • software process improvement
    We provide services and tools that enable our customers to minimise or eliminate costly overruns and quality problems that present a threat to their business.

Assurance and Certification Services

  • Product Assurance Services
    OAC software QA and test services enable clients to achieve the level of product assurance appropriate to their business needs. These services are based on extensive experience of the design, development and test of products and systems for the industrial, transport and building automation markets.

  • Safety Certification Support Services
    OAC has extensive experience of safety markets requiring certification to a range of risk classes or safety integrity levels and of the design, development and manufacturing measures required to be met for each risk class. OAC has the experience and expertise to ensure that the fundamental design of a product incorporates the necessary design features and that the design, development and manufacturing processes meet the required quality level.

We are happy to undertake complete developments, encompassing concept, architecture, hardware and software development, industrial design and certification; however our experience has shown that working together your team provides considerable benefits.


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