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OAC was founded by engineers previously responsible for the design and development of control equipment and fault tolerant control PLCs.  We realised there was a gulf between available technology and that required to complete a design (PLC, controller, IO unit, smart transducer, etc).  Previously, we have created in-house solutions in many areas, ranging from schedulers though to complex graphics/Scada packages.  These were time consuming, frequently becoming much more than the simple solution originally planned, and were ultimately costly (particularly with the considerable product lifetimes demanded by many end-users).  By enhancing commercially available solutions we would be able to focus on area of specialisation, improve time to market and relieve the maintenance spiral.

We have a number of technology suppliers, including RTOS, IEC61131 programming suites and field bus protocols and devices.  We have existing integrations in several areas, reducing both the technical risks, time to market and costs.  In other areas our knowledge of commercially available solutions provides considerable benefit when integrating your system.  If you are developing for safety related applications please visit our certification page.

We understand that you want to maintain your band identity, architecture and competitive advantages and are happy to either assist or undertake activities to help you achieve.  We also work with competing products in many areas, allowing the best in class choice for your application.

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