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IEC61131-3 Programming Suites

IEC6113-3 is the PLC programming languages standard and is increasingly used for a wide range of control and monitoring application programming.

The standard defines 5 programming languages:

FBD Function Block Diagram Graphical - logic diagram/electronic circuit like
IL Instruction List Assembler like, textural format
LD Ladder Diagram Graphical - relay ladder logic
SFC Sequential Function Chart Graphical - state transition/flow format
ST Structured Text Textural - C / Pascal like

For more information on IEC61131 see the PLC Open site.

OAC has the capability to provide IEC61131-3 engineering services including porting, integration with other software, application programming, and enhancements to fulfil safety related application requirements (including to IEC61508).

We have a range of library components that can be customised to provide IEC61131 software static analysis.  These may be simply configured to meet your needs, or may be customised to provide specific functionality, look and feel, or levels of integration with your other configuration tools.

Need additional functionality, or want to protect your IPR?  OAC can offer development of additional functions, function blocks and control algorithms using IEC61131 languages, MathWorks Simulink or C.  If you need this facility in-house, we can provide the technology.

Considered using IEC61131 to provide your in-house configuration?  Many systems require customisation to meet specific customer needs, why proliferate many versions of your firmware when you can maintain one and customise using IEC61131?  Even if your client's are not requesting IEC61131.

We have a number of technology partners, providing IEC61131 packages, contact us with further details of your needs and preferences and we will help with a best in class for your needs solution.


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