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Field Busses

At OAC, we can undertake design and development for industry standard and de-facto network protocols for building (primarily Lon) and industrial (primarily Profibus, DeviceNet).

Lon Network Design Services

OAC personnel offer considerable experience of LonWorks based open control solutions across a wide range of applications including:

  • Building Automation

  • Transportation

  • Petrochemical

OAC offers a range of Lon based network infrastructure products in conjunction with Control Network Solutions.

Industrial Networks

The majority of industrial network design has centred on the integration of commercially available hardware into our clients platform.  We have technology providers supporting all of the major industrial network protocols. 

For protocols requiring widely available hardware interfaces (e.g. Modbus over Ethernet or serial) we have library components that may be rapidly tailored to specific needs.

Development activities may provide full configuration, monitoring and integration with our client's programming and control software, or may simply require drivers to suit our clients platform.

Network Bridges

We have experience implementing bridges between network types.  Need to interface between Lon and Ethernet?  We have solutions for Lon to Lon over IP (see CNS website) and for a range of standard IP protocols, including IEC61131 programmable Lon to Ethernet.


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