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Certification and Assurance Services Summary

Safety Certification Support Services

OACs experience in safety critical systems includes: participation on Standards committees including IEC SC65A (defining IEC 61508 and the process sector specific standard IEC 61511), and participation in collaborative projects researching testing aspects of safety critical software development.

We work closely with several certification authorities:

TUV perform type approval/side approval/commissioning of electronic components and for machinery with PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Click here to visit their website.


OAC maintains close co-operation with
TÜV Anlagentechnik, Rheinland und Brandenburg.


Services we offer:

Pre-Assessment services, including:

  • Assessment of the product safety architecture and its safety philosophy, safety lifecycle, applied tools, techniques and evidence of such.

  • Resolution of all issues with the certification authority in order to declare the product as suitable for certification

  • Definition of an efficient and cost effective certification process and associated certification plan

Management services, including:

  • Project management of certification activities and liaison with the certification authority

  • Test planning and management

Process services, including:

  • Assessment of compliance with the process requirements of the relevant SIL of IEC61508

  • Support in the definition of processes, techniques and measures to achieve compliance

Analysis and design services, including:

  • Assessment of the impact of software on the safety properties of the systems; identification of specific potential safety problems based on how the software actually works; and design enhancements to resolve all safety issues.

Product Assurance Services

OAC is able to provide software assurance and testing services to developers, system integrators and end-users including:

Assessment and validation services, for completed products and systems providing:

  • assessment of compliance with quality assurance standards and best practice

  • overall validation of requirements and assessment of dependability, including stress testing and performance testing

Process and Quality Management Services, providing:

  • definition of full life-cycle processes and quality management systems to ISO9000

Design support services, supporting development teams with specialist knowledge of:

  • design for testability and fault tolerance

  • design of self test facilities for high assurance applications

Testing and QA services, providing full life-cycle assurance activities including:

  • provision of test project management, test planning, test case generation and execution

  • dynamic and static testing employing best in class tools and techniques testing of timing aspects

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