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Background: The increasing interest in Open Control and Automation as a way of choosing Best of Class Products presents significant opportunities within the Process, Manufacturing, Commerce, Building and Home Automation sectors.

In Industrial and Process IMC markets systems are increasingly distributed, with greater use of networks and field busses. This technology is moving into Commerce and Homes. User expectations are being driven by the rapidly developing Internet technology. Dependence on IMC is being fuelled by demands for greater efficiency, availability of information, and increasing concerns over risks to life, assets and the environment.

Capitalising on these opportunities demands sophisticated, robust technology, whilst competition and the pace of technological advancement create considerable time to market pressures. This presents significant challenges to IMC OEMs, whose specialisation is application expertise. OEMs need to increasingly seek technology partners and suppliers able to provide robust, commercial component products within an open framework.

OAC represents a unique combination of capabilities in the real world application of techniques, emerging technologies, third party products, de-facto and industry standards and certification, enabling our clients to achieve Dependable, Open Control, and Web Enabled solutions.

History: George Turnbull and senior members of the Research and Development function of an industrial safety and controls company established OAC in May 2000, creating an organisation whose principals have over 150 years collective experience in Instrumentation, Measurement, Safety, and Control.

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